Corporate Finance

Unencumbered Advice with a Long-term Perspective.


Our corporate finance services comprise independent advice and complete project management for mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings and spin-offs.

We work independently and/or in observer capacity alongside banks underwriting or financing the transaction, safeguarding clients from proprietary conflict of interests.

Unencumbered Advice with a Long-term Perspective:

  1. We advise and execute only those M&A transactions that make fundamental industry logic; those that are strategic and synergistic within next 3 years.
  2. Our fees is structured such that our interests are completely aligned with the success of the business in the long term, rather than short-term transactional success.
  3. We specialise in cross-border transactions, with Indian elements, leveraging our global experience and relationships.

Capital Markets

Capital Structure Bespoke to Your Business and Designed to Budget for Volatility.


Our capital markets advisory services comprise structured finance, private capital access, public equity markets advisory, advice on bond issuances and capital restructurings.

Capital Structure Bespoke to Your Business and Designed to Budget for Volatility:

  1. We strongly believe that in today’s world, a firm’s capital structure should be determined by its industry dynamics and its strategy, and should suit a volatile world.
  2. Our advisors are trained in engineering, research-based strategy design, and capital market transactions, so we do not miss real issues while advising on capital structure.
  3. We specialise in Indian capital market instruments, but also deeply understand international instruments (including, as Warren Buffet puts it, weapons of mass destruction!)

Industry Research

Strategic Industry Research for Delivering “True North” Recommendations.


Our industry research team supports our corporate finance and markets advisory practice, to ensure they deliver thorough recommendations.

Strategic Industry Research for Delivering “True North” Recommendations:

  1. We extensively research industries, and develop points of views on their future direction accounting for inter-play between various industries.
  2. Whilst not currently offered as a direct service to clients, research is a critical input into our fact base for evaluating situations.