Our Values Are Uncompromisable

We believe Financial Advisory needs Moral Overhaul, and We've got the Wrenches.


We believe… client relationships provide us a better return over time equity.
We thus… place our client’s interests above our own, in spirit yes, but also in our fees structure.

We believe… today’s business world though unpredictable, is but highly connected.
We thus… strive to place all transaction information in one mind, to be complete in our analysis.

We believe… a company’s line of business i.e. operations and its strategy should determine its financing.
We thus… strive to ascertain the color of the transaction in our recommendations to clients.

We believe… operations, strategy then finance… will make the world a better place.

... hence our logo!

Our Team Is Exceptional

Our team comprises seasoned transaction executives bringing 25 years of deal experience with top-notch private equity and strategy firms; and with Ivy-league educational backgrounds. Our analysts and associates come from top schools in India and abroad, and are trained extensively in financial/legal disciplines as well as deal execution process. Collectively, we have executed transactions worth $3.9b, split roughly 60-40 on D/E.

Our Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership brings over 25 years of experience in executing transactions, conducting commercial and financial diligence, and advising on strategic issues. Our Directors come from blue-chip private equity, investment management firms, and strategy consulting firms in Mumbai, California, New York, and London. Educationally, they hail from institutions such as IIT-Delhi, London Business School, King's College, and Insead.

Their chargeable rates to clients were either comparable or higher than firms such as Mckinsey, Bain, and Goldman Sachs. Except that in philosophy and practice, they are ethical, client relationship oriented, technologically savvy, and fresh in their thinking about global financial integration (or disintegration!).

Our Associates

Our associates and analysts are experienced in M&A or strategy consulting, and come from top India and international schools. Upon their induction into WorldStar, they are trained extensively in financial and legal disciplines, and our rigourous deal management process.

Our Advisors

We actively engage with seasoned finance practitioners in industry and thought leaders in academia to keep a tab on international developments in capital markets.